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    Sustainably Manufactured

Our Manufactuting USPs

Delivering The Highest Quality Fabrics


High-volume production capabilities for large-scale fabric needs.


Premium fabrics crafted with meticulous precision and care.

Timely Delivery

On-schedule shipments to maintain your production timelines.

Customized Solution

Tailor-made fabrics to fit your specific industry requirements.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Steps Towards Sustainaibility

Strategic Location

Strategic Location

Our factory's proximity to raw materials and major Indian ports reduces transportation costs & carbon emissions.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

We rely on 100% solar and wind energy for our daily operational energy requirements to save energy and our environment.

Ethical Partnerships

Ethical Partnerships

We collaborate exclusively with partners who share our commitment to sustainability & ethical practices.

Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials

Our production process prioritizes the use of recycled and sustainable materials, minimizing waste &environmental impact.

Local Economy

Local Economy

Our sustainability efforts are tailored to uplift the local economy while making a positive environmental contribution.

Waste Minimization

Waste Minimization

Advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to minimize waste, optimizing resource usage for a greener footprint.

Introducing Eco-Weave, our sustainable fabric line made from organic materials for eco-conscious consumers.

Organic Material to Sustainable Fabric

Recycled Material to Sustainable Fabric

Discover Re-Weave, a collection designed from recycled fibers, setting new standards in fabric reusability.

Our Process and Technology

Woven with Responsibility: Our Ethical Approach


1.) Our unique Fibre Origin Identification System ensures you can track the journey of every thread right from its root source.

2.) We use cutting-edge technology to offer a complete, traceable process map, boosting confidence in our manufacturing practices.

3.) Our commitment to traceability offers more than a product; it tells a story of authenticity, dedication, and craftsmanship.


1.) We believe in complete transparency, illuminating every phase of our supply chain – from yarn to the final fabric.

2.) Our end-to-end visibility is more than a process; it's a pledge to overcome production intricacies and deliver only the best to our valued clients.

3.)We openly share details on sourcing, environmental impact, and labor to set industry benchmarks.


1.) We understand each client's unique needs and offer customized, innovative solutions in fabric design and manufacturing.

2.) We adapt to global trends and customer demands, ensuring our products and services are always relevant.

3.) Embracing flexibility is our strategy and our promise – to meet you where you are and deliver beyond expectations.

Our Products

Our Fabric Collection

375 GSM Cotton Canvas fabric

Cotton:Polyster Blend

100% Polyster Fabric

190 GSM Cotton Hemp Plain Fabric

Hemp Fabric

Juco Fabric

200 GSM Cotton Polyester Mix Plain Fabric

Chambray/Yarn Dyed Fabric

Dyed/Finished Fabric

We are the best Cotton & Polyester Greige Fabric manufacturer in India.

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