Fabric for a Greener Tomorrow

It’s All About Organic and Sustainable Fabrics

Say hello to “EcoWeav” from Radhey Krishna Cotweaving! Our special fabric collection created with love for our planet.

We made these fabrics using natural, organic stuff that’s kind to the Earth. We made these fabrics using natural, organic stuff that’s kind to the Earth. So, when you wear or use something made from Eco-Weav, you’re being a super eco-friendly hero! It’s like giving the Earth a big, warm hug.

Discover EcoWeav, a brand committed to redefining the fabric of sustainability and style. Our brand is dedicated to eco-conscious consumers who seek more than just a fabric; they seek a way to make a positive impact on the planet.

EcoWeav, a product by Radhey Krishna Cotweaving, embodies a passion for sustainable living and responsible choices. Our fabric line is meticulously crafted from organic materials, ensuring every thread meets the highest standards of eco-friendliness.

EcoWeav stands as a symbol of resolute dedication to “Traceability and Transparency.” We take immense pride in providing a three-tier journey that meticulously traces each product from its very source, offering unwavering transparency at every juncture. Beginning with the organic cotton seeds cultivated by our diligent farmers, to the extraction of raw materials, and finally, in the skilled hands of our weavers crafting the fabric, we ensure complete traceability and transparency throughout every step of our creation cycle.

Our Certifications

Our Products Under Eco Weav

GOTS Certified: Immerse yourself in the luxury of cotton that’s not only soft on your skin but also gentle on the planet. Our organic cotton is GOTS certified, assuring you of its authenticity and purity.

190 GSM Cotton Hemp Plain Fabric

HEMP Fabric

Experience the natural strength and breathability of hemp, a fabric that embodies both durability and sustainability.

375 GSM Cotton Canvas fabric

BCI Cotton

Opt for Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) certified cotton, contributing to a more sustainable and ethical cotton production industry.

JUCO Fabric - Jute Cotton Blend

Revel in the blend of jute and cotton, combining the best of both worlds for a unique, eco-friendly fabric.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 - Cotton

Delight in our OKEO-TEX Standard 100 certified cotton products, ensuring they’re free from harmful substances and safe for you and the environment.

Choose Radhey Krishna Cotweaving for all your eco friendly fabric needs and feel the difference in quality and comfort.

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