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375 GSM Cotton Canvas Fabric

Our 375 GSM Cotton Canvas fabric, commonly referred to as “11 Oz Cotton Canvas Fabric,” is meticulously crafted from a 100% cotton blend. You have the flexibility to choose from Conventional Cotton, Organic Cotton, Pre-consumer Recycled Cotton, Post-consumer Recycled Cotton, and BCI Cotton, all certified to meet the OekoTex Standard 100. Each fabric, characterized by its Oxford weave, is thoughtfully roll-packed in lengths of up to 500 meters, ensuring a flat-edged, airtight shield. 

We validate the exceptional quality of our fabric through prestigious certifications, including GOTS (for organic cotton content), Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for recycled cotton, BCI Cotton, and OekoTex Standard 100. These certifications offer a strong assurance that our fabric is produced without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring its purity and safety.

We are dedicated to providing complete traceability and transparency for every certification, assuring the authenticity of our fabric.

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