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Introducing Eco-Weave, our sustainable fabric line made from organic materials for eco-conscious consumers.

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Discover Re-Weave, a collection designed from recycled fibers, setting new standards in fabric reusability.

100% Cotton

100% Cotton Twill Fabric

Our Cotton Twill Fabric is exclusively crafted from a 100% cotton blend. Its GSM ranges from 100 to 400, and its width spans from 71 cm (28 inches) to 376 cm (148 inches). Beyond conventional cotton, we provide various fabric content options, including Organic Cotton, Pre Consumable Recycled Cotton, Post Consumed Recycled Cotton, and BCI Cotton. This fabric is characterized by its Twill weave. Each roll of this fabric is meticulously packed, offering up to 500 meters per roll. The rolls are sealed with flat edges in an airtight manner to ensure quality.

We uphold the exceptional quality of our fabric through renowned certifications, including GOTS (for organic cotton content), Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for recycled cotton, BCI Cotton, and OekoTex Standard 100. These certifications provide solid assurance that our fabric is produced without any harmful chemicals, guaranteeing its purity and safety.

We are committed to offering complete traceability and transparency for each certification, assuring the authenticity of our fabric.

Characteristics of Our 100% Cotton Twill Fabric

Diagonal Weave

Cotton Twill is recognized by its diagonal lines or ridges on its surface.

Soft Touch

Despite its durability, it maintains cotton's inherent softness for wearer comfort.


Its weave pattern makes it sturdier than plain weave, ensuring longevity in usage.


Being cotton, twill fabric retains excellent moisture-absorbing qualities, ideal for various climates.


Cotton Twill tends to rebound from wrinkles and creases more effectively than plain weaves.


Its strength and appearance make it a top choice for pants, jackets, and uniforms.

Flexible Drape

Its structure allows a smooth drape, making it ideal for tailored garments.

Less Shiny

Compared to some fabrics like sateen, twill has a more matte finish.

Applications of Cotton Twill Fabric

Tote Bags


Home Textiles


Shopping bags

Artistic Canvas pads

Tents & tarpaulins

Industrial cotton fabric

Choose Radhey Krishna Cotweaving's Cotton Twill Fabric and invest in the blend of quality, tradition, and innovation.

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