Chambray/Yarn Dyed Fabric

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Chambray/Yarn Dyed

Product Description

The Chambray or Yarn-dyed fabric comes in various blends including 100% cotton, a mix of cotton and polyester, and 100% polyester. With a GSM ranging from 100 to 400, this fabric provides versatility for various textile applications. Its widths ranges from 71 cm (or 28 inches) to 376 cm (or 148 inches). In terms of content, customers can choose from conventional cotton, organic cotton, pre-consumable recycled cotton & polyester, and even post-consumed recycled cotton & polyester. The weave variety is extensive, encompassing the classic plain weave, twill weave, satin weave, and basket weave (also known as matty weave).


Additionally, drill weave, oxford weave, herringbone weave, duck weave (akin to canvas), leno weave, waffle weave, ripstop weave, and other dobby designs are available. For packaging, meticulous care is taken, with roll packing accommodating up to 500 meters per roll, sealed in a flat-edged airtight vacuum pack. 

Various certifications are provided to ensure adherence to global standards: GOTS for organic cotton content, Global Recycled Standard (GRS) for recycled cotton and polyester, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for both fresh and recycled varieties, and the BCI Certificate from the Better Cotton Initiative.

We are committed to offering complete traceability and transparency for each certification, assuring the authenticity of our fabric.

Characteristics of Chambray/Yarn Dyed

Soft Texture

Chambray softens with each wash, becoming more comfortable without compromising the fabric's integrity.


Chambray fabric is typically light, making it comfortable and breathable for everyday wear.


Despite its lightweight nature, chambray is strong and holds up well with regular use.

Distinctive Appearance

The interweaving of colored and white threads gives it a unique, slightly mottled look.

Easy to Maintain

It's generally easy to care for, resisting wrinkles and often machine washable.


Suitable for a range of garments, from dresses to shirts, and even home textiles.


Its weaving pattern allows air to flow, making it ideal for warm weather clothing.


Chambray has a timeless appeal, often associated with classic and casual fashion styles.

Discover a textile journey of excellence with Radhey Krishna Cotweaving's Chambray/Yarn Dyed Fabric — a testament to tradition and innovation.