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RPET Plain Fabric

RPET Plain Fabric also known as RPET Fabric for Tote Bags is created by recycling plastic bottles into fibers, which are subsequently woven into a smooth, consistent textile suitable for various applications. 100% RPET Plain Fabric is available in a range of 100 to 400 GSM. Our fabrics can be provided in virgin polyester, Pre Consumable Polyester (PET), Post Consumed Recycled & Polyester (PET). Enhancing our commitment is the premium packaging, offering roll packing of up to 500 meters, flat-edged and air-tight. The weave options available are Plain weave.

We uphold the exceptional quality of our fabric through renowned certifications, including Global Recycled Standard – GRS Certified (for both Pre Consumable & Post Consumable PET), Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (for Polyester).

We are committed to offering complete traceability and transparency for each certification, assuring the authenticity of our fabric.

Characteristics of Our RPET Plain Fabric


RPET Plain fabric tends to be lighter, offering comfort without compromising strength.


RPET Plain fabric resists wear and tear, maintaining its appearance and functionality over time.


Despite its recycled origin, the fabric is strong, ensuring longevity in various applications.


The fabric efficiently manages moisture, making it ideal for activewear and comfort-focused garments.

UV Resistant

The fabric offers protection against the sun's rays, minimizing degradation and color fading.

Consistent Finish

RPET Plain fabric has a smooth surface without the textured feel of other materials.


Due to its recycled content, the production process can be more cost-effective than other materials.


Made from recycled plastic bottles, RPET Plain supports sustainability and reduces environmental impact.

Applications of RPET Plain Fabric

Tote Bags


Home Textiles


Shopping Bags

Artistic Canvas Pads

Tents & Tarpaulins

Industrial Cotton Fabric

Choose Radhey Krishna Cotweaving's RPET Plain Fabric and invest in the blend of quality, tradition, and innovation.

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